Sunday, May 23, 2010


A few blocks from my house is a delightful little cupcake shop called Sweet.  It's appropriately located next to a park teaming with wide eyed kids looking for a sugar fix and desperate moms and dads looking for a caffeine boost.  It's one of those local establishments that makes me love living here.  Not only do they make beautifully delicious treats but the space is just as sweet. Right down to the typeface of their logo, they've created a good feeling place.

So what brought me to Sweet with my fancy shmancy camera on a sunny spring morning?  The chairs!  Yes, they have the chairs I love that I talked about in my post Outdoor Dining. You can get them at Pottery Barn, DWR and Sundance.  They look great in white, giving them a fresh finished look.  A friend of mine talked about using them at her dining table with the kids and then she plans to move them outside when they grow up.  Seeing them here, I think it's a great idea...

The far wall has a fun tree and bird mural offering an eye catching backdrop. I realized later that the same wallpaper from Cavern was used in the bathroom of one of the houses I talked about in my last post.   As you can see here, wallpaper has come a long way and is an easy way to make a dramatic accent wall.

The marble counter looks fresh and feels cool and smooth to the touch.   And they didn't forget the ceiling... the tin adds texture and an old world charm.  It's comfortable and reminds us of grandma's kitchen.  I like the square globe ceiling fixtures too. Lighting can be tough and they got it right... simple, timeless and effective.

Under the windows, is a banquette for efficient wall seating.  It's a great spot for all the squirmy kids to sit and nosh on their treats.

And I really should mention the cupcakes!  They are almost too pretty to eat... 


I get the pumpkin or carrot cupcakes for the kids thinking they are somehow good for them?!  (Well, whatever makes you feel better, right?)  As for me, my favorite is the chocolate cake with the peanut butter icing...yum! 

Are there any places in your town that you go to because they make you feel good?  You may not know it, but a well designed space can lift your mood... it's not just the sweets!  

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  1. I totally agree with Jen. This is a good feeling place. When it first opened, I noticed it while I was doing my morning run. It was so fresh and new with an aesthetic that totally appealed to me that I had to stop and take a closer look on the inside. Everything Jen describes is what I saw as well. I didn't want to leave. I also dug the assortment of cake plates and pedestals they used displayed the cupcakes. It reminded me of all the different vintage styles we sell at MackeyBlue. Sweet!