Monday, April 5, 2010

Outdoor Dining

The beautiful weather over the weekend got me thinking about outdoor living again.  And so the annual search for the perfect outdoor dining chair begins!  Every year we talk about buying some new furniture for our deck so we can enjoy dining al fresco this summer.  But every year my husband and I debate the price point, material, style ...mostly because neither of us can make up our mind.  Here's a smattering of what I was thinking.  Timelessness and comfort are my too objectives.  I'd love to hear your opinion. 

Now you can't get any cheaper than this Ikea bistro chair...  it's only $15! 

It looks like it wouldn't be comfortable but we have two already and they do the trick.  And if you've ever spent some time in Bryant Park in NYC, you know they ain't half bad.  And who could beat that price!  

Here's the authentic Bryant Park version.  They are shipped from France by American Country.  Oooh la la, that red is fun!  They are priced at $198 for two.

This is from CB2 at $139.  It looks sturdy yet petite and I like the galvanized material... which should hold up better than wood.   We may or may not cover up the chairs in the winter so they've got to clean easily and not rust or rot.

Another chair from CB2 at $99.95.  These feel a bit more mod which could be fun.  I originally thought they were white plastic but now realize they are aluminum!   

Here is a polypropylene chair by Philippe Starck that could be wiped down easily.   I think I would choose the gray or orange.  I like the white but I think that's meant for a pristine location by a pool in LA!   You can find them at Unica Home for $656 for a set of four.

Thinking of orange reminds me of the great Starck chairs by the pool on our trip to Italy.  Something tells me I couldn't pull this off in Hoboken though...

This French classic has always been my favorite but the price tag keeps me from doing it every year.  This one is from DWR at $250.

Here is Pottery Barn's version for $199... or $750 for four.  I like the red and white options too.   I could see them at a rustic thick wood table. 

Speaking of tables, you'll see that I don't show any?   Well, I don't want a matching set and the chairs are most important to me stylistically.  So first the chairs and then we'll work on the table.  I'll want some input on that too.

So, let's take a vote!  Which one do you think we should pick?


  1. The first vote is in! LJM has chosen the mod chair from CB2. She likes the cushion because it will keep her bottom from getting cold when she wears shorts!

  2. Joan has placed her vote but is unable to get to her computer... the last one in red! Thanks, I like that one too.

  3. I feel like you are reading my mind. We are actually considering the Pottery Barn chair (actually it's the same chair in the Sundance Catalogue) in the galvanized metal - with a rustic farm table - for our kitchen area. We figure the chairs will survive four kids and then we can retire them to the patio area when the kids move out.

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