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2018 Recap

It was big year for MMA so we thought... let's wrap it up with a blog post!  The three Passive Houses in our last update (it was 2 years ago, yikes) are all complete and photographed.   They have received a great reception and are a significant part of our banner year.  It is super rewarding to see all the time and effort come to fruition and we appreciate the wonderful clients that were just as dedicated.   First up, the Hudson Valley Fieldhouse in upstate NY was our breakout project on Instagram (our new favorite form of social media... follow us !) #hudsonfieldhouse Blackstock Photography From the first design sketches, the approach to the building was the inspiration for the whole project.  It presents as an unassuming iconic image of a modest vernacular structure.   But by using the topography of the site, we were able to conceal a much larger barn structure.  Blackstock Photography From the front door, no one would know that it houses a pilates studio,

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