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What's Happening?!

Well, a lot has happened in 2020 but Mowery Marsh has been plugging along trying to stay focused on creating beautiful spaces for our clients and doing it with comfort and energy efficiency in mind!   We will be part of an AIA NY talk in January that hopes to pull back the curtain on Passive House construction and with that in mind we thought we should reflect on our work this past year that continues to move us toward bringing Passive to the mainstream!   We'll start off with our #StoneBarnPassive  project in upstate NY.    The guest barn and studio will both be certified  Passive House buildings  with a 0.4 and a 0.52 ACH 50 blower door test respectively (target 0.6 ACH 50).    We've posted a few images on Instagram,  but wanted to share these shots from a  recent snowy site visit! the stone makes it feel like it’s always been there why not  have it inside too 😉  snowy outside, but warm and cozy inside! Studio with expansive framed views through big windows units the

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