Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Interior Design Tool

Here's an eco idea (both environmentally and economically speaking),  instead of buying a stack of magazines to find inspiration for your next home project, go to the Decorpad website.

It's a great resource for seeing lots of interiors in many different styles.  So rather than flipping through countless magazines looking for particular images that might inspire you, go to this site and find ideas that directly relate to your own project.

Here's how I like to use the site... say your thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets (like I do every other day!) but are unsure if you want a bright white kitchen or something richer. Well, you go to Decorpad, pull down where it says 'posts' and select the 'photos' search option, enter in the key words 'white kitchen' and... Voila!  Dozen's of kitchens come up with that criteria. It can be quite helpful to see real examples and you might get some new ideas too.  Have fun with the word combinations...maybe try 'bedroom chandelier'?

I've been contemplating painting our kitchen cabinets a black-charcoal color. It sounds scary but here are some images from Decorpad that make me think I might love it...

McGill Design Group

McGill Design Group

Kristin Cunningham Kitchen

House & Garden

Hmm, this image has me thinking about my next post. Painting your window sashes in a contrasting color... let's discuss!


  1. Decorpad is a very cool site! I'm adding it and your great blog to my favorites. I just ran a search for black and white bathrooms and got to see some stunning photos. Wish I had known about this for our project upstate (yes, a black and white bathroom). I spent a long time on this site ( which I recommend but it is harder to get relevant search results and is generally less design-oriented, I think.

  2. Thanks for sending me the e-mail re your blog; it's great! I just finished a new addition. In it we have the sashes stained a dark chestnut, but the window trim is cloud white. We love it; the painter even commented how modern and clean it looks.

  3. Hi LG,

    Glad you like the site and my blog! Thanks for the gardenweb resource...I'll have to check it out.

  4. Stained windows are great if you've got natural wood sashes. And it sounds striking against the white trim. I'm curious, were they new windows and what manufacturer did you use?

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