Small Space, Big Character

Staying on the house we've been looking at for the last few posts, this week we have what seems like a no brainer but takes some effort and planning.  The big ideas is... the less sheetrock the better! Any time we can showcase more interesting building materials, we seize the opportunity.

[Mowery Marsh Architects, Photo Credit: Blackstock Photography]

For example, exposed brick has been popular here in Hoboken for a while so it shows up in a lot of our work, but here we take it a step further and expose the ceiling joists too.  The added texture at these surfaces is what gives the room character.  The third surface is the windows which take up the entire wall and becomes the focal point for this floor.  And here you see how the exposed  joists have a repetitive quality that draw your eye to the wall of glass.  

[Mowery Marsh Architects, Photo Credit: Blackstock Photography]

Most of our projects are compact in scale with significant programmatic needs, so our walls tend to be covered with stairs, cabinetry, open storage, etc.  But when we are faced with some plain sheetrock, we like to treat it in a way that will be durable, add texture and visually clean up a space.   

Whether it be choosing to go full height with a simple wall tile... 

[Mowery Marsh Architects, Photo Credit: Blackstock Photography]

Or trimming out a ceiling to integrate a skylight and conceal an HVAC access panel.  

[Mowery Marsh Architects, Photo Credit: Blackstock Photography]

All of it, offers a level of detail that makes a home feel complete.  And often you can do these types of upgrades as smaller projects as you go... exposing structural elements, adding trim work to a focal wall or ceiling, even just wallpapering one wall can do the trick to give a room dimension.  Hmm, maybe a weekend project in your future?!  


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