What's the big idea?

This is the kickoff to a new MMA weekly series..."What's the big idea?!"  Okay, it's actually the opposite.  They are little ideas... but that can have a BIG impact on a design.

So what's lined up for this week?  It's pretty 'straight' forward (pun intended!)...  do you have a bedroom wall with a bunch of jigs and jogs?  Here we added a built-in headboard to create those clean lines everyone is looking for.   It makes the room feel more generous by visually decluttering and allows use of an otherwise tricky wall for furnishings.

[Mowery Marsh Architects,  Photo Credit:  Blackstock Photography]

The built-in headboard is clad with horizontal boards and bed side table is carved out with a cabinet door below for bonus storage.  What would have been a small space cluttered with side tables is now made spacious and functional.

[Mowery Marsh Architects,  Photo Credit:  Blackstock Photography]

Okay, that's Week #1... let's see how long I can keep this up? Maybe next time we'll talk about those nice leather pulls!  


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