Saturday, January 29, 2011


I recently received a post from Remodelista in my email and it featured this great way to display kids art.  I have piles of my daughter's drawings and this inspired me to 'someday' put together a project like this. 

It makes me feel better that I'm holding on to oodles of artwork, some of which are not much more than squiggles...but you never know what might look fantastic once photographed, shrunk, cut into a square, and arranged with other colorful squiggles! 

The site led me to the creator of the collage, Jan Eleni, an interior designer in New York. Here's another display of children's artwork and a whimsical bedroom...

This adorable little girl's room got me looking through my archive of other children's rooms that I found inspirational...

I love the simplicity of this room and that it could be for a little boy or girl.  I found this image and bunch of other sweet kids rooms at House to Home

Children's rooms are the best for having some design fun. Here are some other kid room ideas that I have found in the past and would love to copy for one of my projects!

Corkboard wainscoting panels scale the room to little tots and it's another great way for kids to display their artwork that piles up. 

Via the Scoop

Chalkboards are another great way to have fun in a kid's room.  I like the color scheme in this boys room and the band of chalkboard coupled with the map... oh yeah, maps another great idea. 

Kids Room Projects Map Murals

Supposedly you can make your own chalkboard paint and the DIY: Project website has the recipe.  If anyone wants to try it, let me know if it works! Otherwise here's a safe option from Restoration Hardware... 

Marseilles Chalkboard
 Restoration Hardware

Another great map... this one is a decal which is an easy way to dress up a children's room.   This one can be found at Weego Home

World Map Decal
And storage... you can never have enough for a kid.  Here's what we did to even out a bump in our wall and give ample shelf space for our daughter's toys and books.  More photos of the room can be seen on my website.    

The discreet under bed storage in this Ikea bed is a huge bonus... you don't want to know how much we've got packed in those drawers!   

I could go on and on about storage for kids rooms.  But I'll leave that for another post... anyway, I've got to get started framing my kids artwork... 


  1. Love the framed children's artwork. I especially like seeing my nieces and nephews drawings framed on your walls at home and at Julie's too. It's amazing how adding a frame makes it so much more. As for chalkboards, you can also find some at MackeyBlue:

  2. Hey... there is an article at NYT about artwork taking over the home. Thought you might like:

  3. Thanks Emily. I think Lilly must be reading my mind or my post... she got her 'portfolio' out today and started hanging!

  4. I love the first one. I have pictures of all of the art work I threw away but I never did anything with it. One day...

  5. Well, that's a great start! One day soon they will be teenagers and they won't have time for us... I'm going to do it then.

  6. Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!

  7. I really like this, its simple but elegant at the same time. Its the type of room that you could put a cheap bed frame in and it woudl look lout of place. Have you got any more images of this beautiful building?