Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hoboken Doors

One of the reasons I love Hoboken is that it's such a great walking town.   What makes it so 'walkable' for me is that every time I'm headed somewhere in town, I see something I hadn't noticed before.   It has a good amount of character, culture, history, revitalization...  all of which makes for an interesting stroll (or maybe a jog if I'm motivated!).  So, as I'm visually inspired on these walks, I get to thinking... "Wouldn't it be great to do a blog post about...?"   Well, here is my first "Hoboken Tour" installment!  Who knows if there will be more, but one can always hope.  We'll call this one...

The Door Tour. 

We'll start with my favorite stoop.  You couldn't ask for a more graceful approach to the front door...

I took these photos on a beautiful day last spring... all in one morning.  By no means did I get all the lovely entry doors of Hoboken documented here.  This is just a smattering... more a consequence of which turns I decided to take that day.   The photos are also in no particular order... I hadn't the patience to figure it out.  

Here's Sobsey's, our gourmet grocer, with its delightful corner door.  Remember when it used to be a custom bridal boutique?    

A charming entry porch, quite unique for Hoboken...  

Lots of black doors in this town.  Can't really go wrong with black...

Ah, but these soft ivory doors against the red brick are quite nice...

 Or maybe gray...

A magnificent pediment looms over these graceful arched doors with horizontal muntins... feels French to me.  I like the natural wood door coupled with the robin egg blue windows...

 Another set of natural wood doors with ornate ironwork...

I thought this recessed entry had a nice composition with the interior paneling and off center door.

The flat facade on this newly renovated row house is dressed up with matching glossy black doors with simple overhead sconces.  The glass is high with tall bottom panels... brings in light but still provides privacy.

This pendant lantern over the door adds to the stately symmetry of this entry.  And the detailed panels and arched glass add to the grandeur.

The rope and dental molding on these doors give a refined quality...

Nice and easy stoop leads to a nice and easy entry door...

Here's the one Federal style entry I found with its six panel door and webbed glass transom detail.  The flag and scooner are a nice touch too.  

As I said, these are just a few of the many wonderful entry doors I pass each day in Hoboken.  So if there is a door you love that's not pictured here, send me a comment and maybe it will show up in... The Door Tour: Part II!  


  1. Love the doors. Alas my door is only worthy of a before and after...

  2. Yay! Looking at the doors is my favorite part about my walk to work! It's amazing how different every house's is. Some of my favorites were listed on your list as well!

  3. Wow...who knew? I need to visit hoboken!

  4. I had no clue that Hoboken was so pretty! We have original hardwood doors on our 1900 rowhome in Harrisburg and love them! Just a dark-stained wood - no flashy color or paint for us!

  5. Mackeyblue... but what a great before and after it would be! Let's get on it. What do you think you'd want?

  6. Yeah, Hoboken ain't half bad! Maybe the next time you're visiting NYC you should take a little jaunt on the ferry to come check it out!

  7. Hey Dave, I want to see your doors! Maybe you could post some current pics of your house on fb...

  8. I would like something like this:

    It would take the place of the existing transom and door.

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