Friday, May 7, 2010

Wall of Curtain

I took this photo the other day of the kids hanging out in the windows.  It's their favorite spot and rightfully so. 

Even though I snapped it on a whim to capture a childhood moment, it also happens to document the first 'design move' I made on our house.  It's a simple one, but bears mentioning... the Wall of Curtain. 

Here's a photo we took when the realtor first showed us the house.  Hard to believe it's the same space!

You can see how the built-in bookcases remediate a bump in the wall but then this offsets the windows... this bugged me.   The quick remedy... cover the whole wall with sheers to keep the light coming in but take the attention away for the openings themselves.  And thanks to West Elm's linen panels, the solution was an economical one too!

It's such a beautiful sunny morning here; I just had to take another photo. I should also mention that I wanted to use a rich color on the wall (Benjamin Moore- Davenport Tan) but didn't want to darken the space. The sheer curtain lightens up the wall and offers a nice contrast.

To all you moms out there... I pushed the toys to the other side of the room! 

Hope you have a fun house project planned for the weekend.  We're going shopping for a kitchen counter....Happy Mother's Day to me!

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