Monday, March 29, 2010

Dining Table Pendant

The much anticipated dining area light came in last week!  In a previous post, Time Together, I talked about installing a pendant fixture with a drum shade over our dining table. My hope was that it would bring some focus to our meals together and at the same time help delineate the small dining area in our open floor plan.

It arrived last Friday and the kids were excited to see the box full of packing material.  They had a great time playing in a sea of foam peanuts.  I thought it was fun until we tried picking up the static-y little buggers!   

When I pulled it out of the box it felt good.  O'lampia on Bowery St in NYC made the fixture per my sketch and they did a nice job.   Even though it's a simple fixture... just a ceiling escutchoeon, rod, shade fitting and bulb socket... it was critical to get the correct rod length and the shade at the right height over the table.   It's perfect! 

Fortunately, we already had a wall switch and a junction box at the ceiling. It was not located exactly where we wanted so we exposed the chord a bit and added a hook to put the shade directly over the table.  Please ignore the ring at the ceiling around the escutcheon plate... nothing is ever really done

If you don't have a junction box at the ceiling but still want an overhead light, there are many chorded options available that only require an outlet. Here's an example from CB2 and it's only $49.95...

I got the shade at Mackeyblue here in Hoboken for a steal.  I like that it has a subtle pattern, almost like wood yet slightly metallic.   And because it's a solid material, all the light is directed down at the table where I want it.  

We aren't totally finished.  Besides the ceiling patch, I'm not happy with the bulb selection yet.  It's a little glaring with the current halogen spot.   We like the strong focused light but we're thinking a dimmer might make it just right.  I tried a fluorescent bulb but it was awful.  Yes, let the environmental sticklers strike me down... but I'm sticking with incandescent at this location since it's only on at dinner time.  

Well, it's been a week and I already feel that the project was a success!  The family was surveyed last night at dinner and it was unanimous...  we all feel better about our dining experience.  Even my toddler appeared more content... or maybe it was because he was eating a hot dog.  (Just kidding, he had delightful quiche and side salad with a light vinaigrette dressing ;) 

What kind of lighting do you have at your dining table and does it work for you?


  1. I want to know what Levi and Lilly said about their dining experiences...

  2. The first photo of the dining nook is spectacular. Looks like it came from a magazine. Never thought a light fixture could make such a difference!

  3. Peanuts in a pot. What a clever little boy....

  4. Thanks CLB! The space has been problematic because of all the angles and corners... at first I thought a light would draw attention to them but I think it's had the opposite effect.

    Now if I could just teach little boy to cook!

  5. Karen-
    Lilly says so much I can't keep track and Levi says so little I barely listen... poor kids. Maybe the light will help ME stay focused!