Sunday, February 7, 2010

Looking Up

My friend George, a fellow blogger, sent me an inspiring article from The New Yorker  about a female architect in Chigaco that is working on the tallest building ever designed by woman.  Yes, that caught my attention!

I found some more photos on Edward Lifson's blog Hello, Beautiful!, that show the project in its finished state.

And I love the seductive curves in this photo...

Jeanne Gang, the architect that's featured, has an office called Studio Gang in Chicago.   Here is another project from their website that caught my eye.  I appreciate the simplicity, bright airy quality, and the pure composition of lines & geometries.

And there was one quote from the article that spoke to me in how I see architecture...

"Female architects like these share a high interest in modern design combined with a low interest in ideology. They approach design less as an opportunity to demonstrate a set of ideas than as a way of answering a series of questions about the nature of a place, a client, or a function."

These women inspire me to do great things.  Who inspires you in your work?

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