Monday, February 15, 2010

Let's Talk Table Lamps

As I wait for the light fixture over my dining table, I've been thinking about lighting in general...especially now that the days are so short!  Table lamps are an easy and inexpensive way to change the feeling of a space.  When we added this floor lamp from Crate & Barrel, it instantly created a new cozy place to read...

Pockets of low level lighting rather than a glaring overhead ceiling fixture, can give definition to a space and create inviting areas to work, read, and converse. I love this image for that reason. The space is by Candice Olson.

Think about places you might not expect a table lamp. I grew up with a lamp at our kitchen counter where I use to sit and talk to my mom while she cooked. Who knows, maybe the warm feeling made me linger a bit longer and divulge all my teenage secrets?

You might also consider putting a small lamp in the powder room where some low level lighting could make your guests look and feel better when they visit!  Apartment Therapy considered it as well...

And here's another example I found on the Velvet & Linen blog...

After we finished installing my daughter's bookshelves next to her bed (...that endeavor is for another post all together), a small lamp at the window sill was the final touch to make her bed a cozy haven to enjoy all those books.

My grandfather made this lamp with her initials and the pretty pale pink shade came from Target. I should note that it's a fluorescent bulb and we have been slowly switching out all our incandescent bulbs. It has been a bit painful... the color rendition just isn't good enough yet.  But I have found that with the right kind of shade you can warm up the light some and I'm getting use to it. 

So where could you put a lamp to create a whole new atmosphere in your house? 

...then just remember to turn it on!


  1. Fabulous lamps! Nice work! Thanks for doing this blog. I absolutely love it!

  2. Hi, wat to u tink about putting a table lamp on a window sill?