Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Get Organized, Baby!"

...I'll never forget when I heard that quote,  I was watching the movie Niagara in Bryant Park under the stars with my future husband and his sister.

Vintage Poster found at Cinema Master Pieces

Marilyn Monroe was on the big screen, completely hysterical and going a little nuts. Her husband busts into the room, takes her by the shoulders (see poster inset for visual) and yells in her face.... "Get organized, baby!"  It was a laugh out loud moment in what was suppose to be a very dramatic scene. It was a totally chauvinistic statement but... it could be applicable to the mentally and physically cluttered areas of one's life!

This leads me to the topic at husbands tool cabinet. It was out of control... doors not shutting, stuff falling out, can't find a thing... you get the point. In the spirit of helping him out, last spring I bought him a tool pouch to go around a bucket so he could carry his tools where he needed them. I thought it would make him feel like a real professional!  Well, it was nicely folded up in a drawer for many many months and finally was pulled out a few weeks ago to start off the new year.

To help in his organization, he laid out all of his hand tools. I was impressed in how complete his set was for an amateur handy man. I thought it was an interesting pic too (except for the fact that his dirty, greasy tools were laying on my nice white comforter)... but hey, I can't fault him for getting organized.

Amazingly enough, all those tools fit in his bucket organizer quite nicely...

So then I was thinking, I need to find something like this for my office supplies!  And what do ya' know, a Mug Boss...

Except it would need to be 5 times as big... maybe I should just get a bucket too.  

Where do you need to Get Organized, Baby?


  1. Wow! I can't believe Frank had two of those before Brian! But notice that Frank has two and not as many tools or projects. We need to find things for him to do!

  2. I especially love the gloves in the middle of that tool shot. Nice.

  3. It's important that he protect his delicate hands. :)

    And as for Frank, I guess he just all show.