What's Happening?!

Well, a lot has happened in 2020 but Mowery Marsh has been plugging along trying to stay focused on creating beautiful spaces for our clients and doing it with comfort and energy efficiency in mind!  We will be part of an AIA NY talk in January that hopes to pull back the curtain on Passive House construction and with that in mind we thought we should reflect on our work this past year that continues to move us toward bringing Passive to the mainstream!  

We'll start off with our #StoneBarnPassive project in upstate NY.  
The guest barn and studio will both be certified Passive House buildings 
with a 0.4 and a 0.52 ACH 50 blower door test respectively (target 0.6 ACH 50).

We've posted a few images on Instagram, 
but wanted to share these shots from a recent snowy site visit!

the stone makes it feel like it’s always been there

...so why not have it inside too 😉 

snowy outside, but warm and cozy inside!

Studio with expansive framed views through big windows units

the Studio is just steps away

 a compound wouldn't be complete without a Poolhouse
...one that looks good year round!

Now let’s head back to town and our Jersey City brownstone that will also be certified!  
And it's in the Historic District! And it has solar panels!  And it looks pretty good too!   
Can't wait to photograph this project when things get back to normal 🙏🏻  
But for now, here’s a sneak peek as it wrapped up! 👀

Triple glazed simulated double hung European units that meet Historic requirements

South facing windows that flood every floor with light

 We love a kitchen sitting area to enjoy a drink and a good book while somebody else cooks 😆   
Needs some styling, but oh... the potential for Insta 😉

Shelves perfectly sized for the client’s existing jars. 
The Pantry may be the best room in the house for us obsessive compulsive folks 😏

The bay window offers another inviting spot to enjoy and says Historic JC brownstone!

Interior furnishings by Elaine Santos

Did we mention the house has bridges and a top floor outdoor courtyard?  
(Pardon the floor protection, can't wait for final photos!)

And let's end where one would start... the front entry offers a striking first impression 😉

Interior furnishings by Elaine Santos

Let’s head to PA and our Poconos project!   
The blower door is in a few weeks so we'll see how we 
are doing on this one, but so far it's shaping up to be a beautiful lakeside cabin.

A gable in the woods...

ok, a few gables!

simple forms with lots of glass

love that we can see the lake from deep in the house! 

The connectors are just as nice as the gables! 

And here's a sampling of other projects we've had the opportunity to work on this year... 

A carriage house transformation in Harding, NJ has kept 
us busy, but it has been a pleasure working with this crack team of contractors and tradespeople. 
We are moving into Phase 2 and you'll be seeing more of this unique renovation in 2021!

We are excited to work with the same team from our Madison Passive project 
on this certified ground up Passive House also in Madison, NJ! 

The foundations are in place!

This recently completed Hoboken townhouse had a blower door of 1.39 ACH 50 (target 1.5 ACH 50) 
and a HERS rating of 39... 61% better than a new house! 

...and it's still got that historic brownstone feeling!

Another Hoboken renovation...

where we rethink the window at the Kitchen sink 😉

And more brownstones renovations in the works in Jersey City.  This one in the Heights.  

and this one on Pavonia Ave...

where we opened up the back wall to max out the kitchen windows!

and another on Barrow St where it was stripped down until just the stair remained 😮

Steel in the back allows for multiple oversized windows!
It’s going to be a stunner, so stay tuned! 😜

We also had the good fortune this past year to be featured in House Beautiful 
for our Hoboken brownstone on Garden St! 

As well as a print feature in the debut issue of Reveal Magazine for our Palisade Passive House! 

Okay that’s all we’ve got for now.  Feeling like we need to get back to work to make all this happen!  
But before we do, we must thank all the enthusiastic clients, knowledgeable consultants, hard working contractors, and supportive family that has allowed us to do this thing we love.  🖤

We’ve been taking lots of walks lately giving us time to reflect and be grateful.  With views like these you start to understand the sentiment ‘We are all in this together’.  
Wishing you all health and happiness in 2021. 🙏🏻


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