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In my last post, I showed a glimpse of our new improved bathroom and miraculously it was clutter free. Well, in the spirit of being real, I thought I should show you how we can do that.

Now that's what I call a medicine cabinet! This thing holds everything we need in the bathroom, it's convenient & accessible. We had a tiny closet in the bathroom of our old apartment and my husband outfitted it with oodles of shelves (that he painted and then coated with polyurethane for easier clean up, brilliant). We were able to maximize the storage because the shelves were moveable and easily adjusted so items could fit perfectly... like the toilet paper rolls!

So in planning our new bathroom everything was designed around our proposed 'medicine closet'. The plumber and electrician thought we were a bit nuts for moving the door, toilet and so many light switches just to make some storage, but it was well worth it. Here it is with the clutter all closed up.

Another anti-clutter secret... lots of mini hooks behind the door put our robes out of sight. These are sized smaller than most which is why I like them. We just added some more... thanks Santa!

I knew we'd be stuck with our kids potty/stool for many more years, so you'll see in the first image that we designed the sink cabinetry so it just fits underneath and can be pushed out of view. And then there's the magazine cubby that we added at the last minute. It's great to have the magazines tucked away and not strewn on the floor like they use to be.

My favorite part is the tall cubby next to the sink. I wanted to put a shelf in the middle so we could store more practical items there. But then my husband said... "That's where the Gerber daisy will go!"

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  1. I don't know what I am more impressed by, that amazing store-all medicine closet or the fact that you found and married a man who would look at a bathroom cubby and say "That's where the flowers will go!"

  2. ...and it should be noted that he built the cubby too! Yes, some days I feel very lucky.


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