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I treated myself to something shiny and new for 2010. As you can see, it's not jewelry... but knowing myself, I thought I'd enjoy this much more than a trinket for my wrist.

Yes, it's a boring faucet but it's already making my dishwashing more delightful! It's something we can move to our new kitchen in a future renovation but yet we get to enjoy it now. That's how I plan most of our small improvement projects... what little things can I do today that might make life a little better.

It's from Grohe and I selected it because it's similar in design to our bathroom faucet. There we installed a Jado Borma and I love it. I swear the water feels better than it did with our old clunker. Unfortunately, Jado doesn't make a version for the kitchen, so... the search for another manufacturer began. Most of our plumbing fixtures have been purchased online at Irawoods. I have found they have the largest online selection at good prices. Its a great way to peruse what's out there.

My requirements for the faucet were: simple design, single lever, and pull out spray. I liked how this sprayer was integral to the design.

I highly recommend the single lever because I can use my wrist to turn it on when I've got icky meat juices on my hand! And it's easy to get the right temp.

Here's the hubby slaving under the sink...

I'd love to say all went totally as planned, but I can't. An old water valve broke when the water was turned back on, so the plumber had to come out the next day. But now we've got some spiffy new valves too!


  1. nice blog! and that's a good shot of brian!

    here's mine:

  2. A faucet can change one's entire outlook on life as we know it!

  3. I, too, would rather have nice kitchen features than something shiny on my wrist! I love your blog and just subscribed. Can't wait to read more.

  4. Hey, Bets.. it's great to connect! now you've made me feel like this whole blogging thing is worth it! thanks for checking it out....maybe we should try email?

  5. I never realized how beautiful a faucet could look. The one you picked is a work of art. Thanks for making me notice something I look at everyday, but never "saw". I would like to have the one you chose myself!


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