Design Envy

I can’t help but peruse the latest home design magazine and ponder how I can make my life look like this…so perfect. Everything is in its place with room to breathe and live. It all sparkles… the gleaming floors, the immaculate paint job, the pristine furniture, and the abundance of natural light, even on a cloudy day. Yes, I want this life.

But I can't have it, because it only exists for that exact moment when the shutter opens... especially if you have kids! Case in point, when I was photographing my in-laws beach house recently to put on my website, it was quite a challenge to keep my daughter from getting in the shot. She just had to mess with the pillows... and what 5 year old wouldn't want to! This is life. You live in spaces, you don’t just photograph them.

I'm talking about all this to explain some of what I want to write about from week to week. Beautiful design that is based on living. What can we do to make our lives easier, more beautiful, but at the same time keeping it real. Most of my clients don't have huge budgets so its important that they get the most they can for their money. As an architect, homeowner, spouse & mother, I’m in the theoretical camp of ‘less is more’. I want to appreciate the things I have, the small footprint I live in, and not be burdened with the superfluous. When it comes to design… keep it simple, thoughtful, well crafted and it will be beautiful.


  1. Well said! Thanks for my simple, thoughtful, well crafted, beautiful kitchen. Can't wait for the latest installment of simple, functional coat/clothes/towel hooks not to mention what we might make of the basement :)


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