Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hey, what's my style?

Now that the eye of the storm has passed but we're all still trapped inside... let's talk about renovating!  We've started (again) on the design of our own house renovation...    

Backyard Elevation #43.5

We've gone around with so many ideas over the years that I thought maybe I should step back a minute and do what I tell clients... write down a wishlist and compile some design pictures of spaces we love!   Since I'm constantly looking at images for my professional work, sometimes it's difficult to realize my own design style.  So I wanted to find a website online where I could systematically look through thoughtfully designed spaces and get reacquainted with what I  like.  Then I remembered... Houzz!

It's a great resource with tons of inspiring residential images.  You can browse by room, style, and location... this allows you to get to the images that will help you most.  For example, I typed in Modern: Bathroom: New York... and to my surprise the 4th image was a project of mine!

Apparently, the photographer had posted it and I was excited to see that over 2,500 people had added it to their 'ideabook'.  This is a great feature that allows you to keep a virtual binder of all the photos you like.  You can put a tag on it so you can remember what elements you liked about the image.   This comes in handy when the design phase is 5 years like ours!  You can have your selections be private or public which could be nice if you want to share your renovation ideas with family or friends... or better yet, your architect!

You can also search by typing in any kind of item and relevant images will come up.  For instance, our place has exposed brick so I typed it in to see some different ideas at how others integrate it into the rest of their design.  It's such a strong material element that it will have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic.  I particularly liked this one for the color palette...

Another great feature are the tags on many of the photos that give information on products and materials.     Nothing more convenient than finding a light fixture you like, clicking on it, and seeing that it's from Ochre and will run you about $6,000?!  

  Sugar Bowl Residence by  John Maniscalco Architecture

It's addicting though... you could be on there forever.  Especially with the photos on the right that relate to the style and content your currently looking at... they just keep feeding you more stuff to browse!

So I'll leave you now so you have some time go check it out.  Just one final image that will be my design inspiration for our house... at least for today :)