Saturday, July 24, 2010

Great Design Resource

Now that summer is in full swing (and whoa, is it swinging!), I've cut back on all the extra stuff I do (like blogging!) and I'm sticking with what has to be done.  However, I have continued to follow one blog... Remodelista.

When I first started Cattywompus, I thought I should check out what's out there in the blogging world so I signed up for a load of feeds.  And Remodelista always manages to inspire me above the rest.  Almost every time I look at it I find something that is relevant to my work, home or own personal style.

It could be something as simple as coat hooks...

Or maybe house numbers...

Or even a fancy trash can.  This compost pail can be found in their 'Domestic Science' section!

I particularly like their 'Steal This Look' features where they show you enviable images like this one and then give you tips on how to make it your own.

I get Remodelista Daily sent to my email and even though I swear I signed up for the weekly recap, I do get it everyday (yeah, like the title states!).  The funny thing is... now I'm happy when it arrives and I always look forward to opening it.  I find the posts highly visual with just the right amount of info that I can quickly scan to see if I'm interested in delving a little deeper.  Like today they featured these beautiful chairs that feel so beachy to me.  Ahhhh, to be on the water on a hot day like this... the soft blue color almost make me feel cooler?!

Or like the other day, these great brick tiles had me checking out the latest on the Waterworks website...

Not only do they talk about great products they also inspire with good design and beautiful imagery.  I had mentioned Remodelista on my Double Island Counters post.  They featured a light filled kitchen in Brooklyn... which is one of my favorites.  

It's just a well packaged website, that I find simple, inspiring and informative.  If you're in the process of renovating or hope to do it soon... it's a great way to see good stuff to consider for your own project. 

Where do you get design inspiration for your home?